Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

    We receive many questions about our newsletter and service everyday.  Since most of these questions fall into similar categories, this is an attempt to answer most players here.  Should these answers still not satisfy all of your questions please feel free to e-mail us at anytime, or click here now

What is FreeSportsLetter's method of rating the free sports newsletter plays?

    We follow the games, injuries, weather, line movement, etc. everyday.  Between us we have over a hundred years of experience in sports betting.  This is our business.  We wager on the games ourselves legally.  In addition to our own knowledge,  we get help through bartering with other top information services as well as contracting with other excellent information services.


    We then rate our plays by the combined information available.  We virtually never release a newsletter play that is less than a 3*** play unless it is a single game on a certain day that players will want to wager on.  We respect that you as ourselves are wagering hard earned money.


      A "*" is equivalent to a one unit wager for each player.  Thus if your unit bet is $100, then a 5***** warrants $500 on the play.


Do all of FreeSportsLetter's free sports plays always win?


     In a game played by humans with money on the line anything is possible.  Therefore the answer is of course, "No."  We do our best to make sure that we are on the right side each time and that the play is backed with excellent information.  Our more experienced players realize that when one of our games loses, we lose much more than any individual player.  


How is it that FreeSportsLetter can provide their players with free lines, free injury reports, free final scores against the spread, free wagering articles, free gifts, free information and free sports picks?


        We supplement this with our Gold Key program.  More information on this topic appears below.


What exactly is the Gold Key program and how does it work?  Must we all Gold Key Sports Picks for it?


       Let's answer the second part first.  Yes, all players must Gold Key Sports Picks immediately for it.  Just kidding, of course not, you can use the convenience of the free information online and the free newsletter plays everyday without spending a dime.  These plays are always free to everyone and we want them to win each and every time.  If the information on those games holds up right up to game time, sometimes we play them ourselves.


       Our free newsletter phone service is available.  You can call for updated information on the newsletter plays right up to game time and also ask us any questions you like via telephone at no charge.  Please try to call between the hours of 11 AM through 8 PM Eastern time seven days a week at 410-536-5111.  Only your long distance charges apply.  We do not have any 900 #s, nor do we charge you for any calls.


         Gold Key Members consist of those players who have signed up for late information plays over the past nine years.  They would not return if they were not satisfied.  Sometimes we spend extra money for information on these games and get the latest scoop on what is occurring right up to game time.


          Often the Gold Key Plays are really just the newsletter picks with confirmed late information.  We want all of our picks to win.  We hold nothing back from our free newsletter members.  If the newsletter plays don't win we will go out of business, plain and simple.  The cost of the Gold Key Picks for the entire season rarely exceeds a few wagers that the player makes anyway, and has always paid for itself.  If you want more information on this simply click here.


What do you say to those who still cannot understand this and want your Gold Key program for free along with your first born?


             We recommend that they "get a life.''  Moreover we would ask them to provide their services to us that they work for in life completely for 'free.'   No one is forcing the Gold Key Winners on anyone.  We confirm these plays late after checking on weather, injuries and other wagering conditions.


             There are plenty of totally free sites out there for wagering information, they look beautiful but rarely can pick their nose much less winners.  We are glad to have subscribers for the FreeSportsLetter who compete in office pools or local events that do not involve monetary payouts.  Many of our players are involved in such activities and thank us for our free information without ever having to pay us a dime.


Can we place bets through FreeSportsLetter?  Are you bookmakers or a Sportsbook?


        No, no and no.  We are simply providing legal sports wagering information for those who desire it.  We do this under the Constitution of the United States of America, specifically the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights.  We do not wager illegally ourselves nor do we condone such actions from our players.


       We assume that our players are placing legal wagers in locations throughout the U.S. in Nevada, Montana, Oregon and Delaware, or through legal SportsBooks around the world.


What the devil is that worm doing at the bottom of the Football Members Page?


         He is not just any worm, he is Willie Greenworm.  Legend has it that if our players gently nudge him with their right pinkie finger before each game goes off he will bring us luck!


--Rich Green, VP


We merely offer legal wagering information for legal sports bettors under the Constitution of the United States of America, specifically the Bill of Rights. We are not bookmakers, do not accept wagers, and do not condone illegal activities of any type.